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Copycat, a Reprieve

“I haven't been up to anything today. I can't be bothered with anything recently. Nothing seems worth thinking about. I haven't gotten anything done recently, but oh well. Not much noteworthy going on worth mentioning.”1 Notes1 My gratitude [goes] to...

Double Stitch

For the past two weeks, I’ve wanted to follow up on my post regarding the ending of Spamland #1 (the only one I’ve as yet seen.) My argument was to have identified the retroactive constitution of subjectivity through the chain...

Data Dada

Great boobies, honey bun! My lower intestine is full of spam eggs spam bacon spam . . . spam spam spam . . . —”Spam” Monty Python The Brothers McLeod Spamland #1iPod-compatibleCtrl/Right-click on the link above to “Save File...

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